- Drive life insurance applications
- Speak to each audience in a tailored manor
- Allow for easy updates of offers, imagary and copy
- We chose to build Dynamic creatives in order to allow us to show different messaging and imagery to each audience group, for example those looking for life insurance because they are a new parent would be shown a mother or father creative
- Taking elements from their branding and implementing fresh ideas, we were able to produce a set of creatives that were effective at reach their target audience
- In addition we tested colour schemes, CTA and ad copy across our target audiences to optimise the creatives and drive performance
- CTR increased by 51% when comparing their old HTML banners to our new Dynamic creatives
- To create premium banners to support and promote video content produced by Legal and General
- To take insight from the Dynamic banners to inform the design of Rich Media
- Using Google Web Designer we embedded 3 different videos into a high impact format to be placed on premium publisher websites
- We took the best performing colour theme and ad copy from the Dynamic creatives, to build a data driven piece of Rich Media 
- Marrying media and creative strategy we were able to build the the perfect ad for the strategic placement
- This was the top performing video creative in the campaign, beating both TrueView and In Read formats
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