- To create a prospecting Dynamic solution that yielded maximum flexibility in design to push a range of campaigns throughout the year
- To set up a Dynamic product remarketing solution to driven re-engagement and purchases
- Using Google Web Designer and DoubleClick Studio we set up two sets of Dynamic templates to adhere to both areas of the brief
- To tackle the flexibility challenge on the Prospecting side, the template we created was tested thoroughly to ensure assets could be switched on/off to alter the layout and design. Animation can also be switched on and off to adhere to additional specs
- Once both sets of templates were launched, The Body Shop UK team were trained on how to update the assets pulling into the creative templates to allow for the quick updating of creative. Further down the line the client was then trained on using Google Web Designer for Rich Media, meaning they now produce high quality Rich Media creatives in house
- The flexibility in the template set up has allowed the campaign to be updated as often as it needs to be in terms of creative, and there be little restrictions
- Training on GWD has also provided the client with a great assets to produce high quality creative at speed, which they love
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